The Jet Fogger (a special designed pulse fogger) is designed to fog large quantities of disinfecting fluid like fromaldehyde, hydrogen peroxide, Intra HydoCare, and others. It's performance is beter than that of a pulse fogger.
Due its enormous velocity and airflow the engine produces, the fog reaches every spot in your green house or stall.
The Jet Fogger is able to handle up to 1500 liters of disinfecting fluid per hour. Compared to a conventional pulse fogger, the Jet Fogger works about 10 times faster.

Benefits Jet Fogger

-10 times faster compared to any other fogger.
-Easy operation.
-Mobile and compact.
-Full automatic control system.
-CE certification.

For information contact:
Liberty Gasturbine Holland: +31 36 5359300.

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Pulse fogger

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