Jet dryer

Liberty Gasturbine developed a jet track dryer it's called the SurfaceJet.
Our industrial jet dryer meets all machine guidelines and meets all CE criteria.
Our jet dryer is used on a racetrack for carracing, dragracing, but also for the
roadindustry, provingground, testtracks and testcircuit. The jet dryer melts
snow and ice as well. Our Jet dryer has found its way to national and international
airports, car manufacturers and to the roadindustry. All surfacejet’s systems
meet CE standards and has safetydevices build in to avoid damaging surfaces
from overheating.

For information contact:
Liberty Gasturbine Holland: +31 36 5359300.

Or you can take a look on our website, here is a link for more information regarding this product.

Jet dryer on airport schiphol Amsterdam     

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